lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

"Sting & Last Exit 1972-1977"

01-Carrion Prince version 1
03-Everyday Is Just The Same
04-I Burn For You
05-Untitled Instrumental 1
06-Don't Let It Bring You Down
07-Fool In Love
08-I'm On This Train version 1
09-Don't You Look At Me
10-Savage Beast 1
11-Untitled Instrumental 2
12-Soul Music
13-Night In The Grand Hotel
14-We Got Something
15-Truth Kills
16-Whispering Voices
17-Carrion Prince 2
18-Savage Beast 2
19-I Got It Made
20-I'm On This Train 2
21-Oh My God
22-A Bit Of Peace
23-Whispering Voices (Alternate Version)
24-Feelin' good
25-Whispering Voices (Single Version) - 1972

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