martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

"Edge,Toronto, Canada" 1979-03-23

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Pass  :  policecito

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Lucab12 dijo...

Link won't download. Keeps failing. Any chance to repost?

Policecito dijo...

Lucab12 Hello!
I just tried downloading it and it works flawlessly, the file is 105 mb, the lower probe and perfect.
Later test, sometimes saturated, have a little patience because the link is good.
Anything let me know!

Lucab12 dijo...

Got it!

Do you have the 2007 Giants Stadium show or the final show at MSG from 2008?

Policecito dijo...

I just post the police concert at Madison in New York in his last show, soon will try to indulge in the Giants Stadium of 05/08/2007.

Lucab12 dijo...

thanks! the giants show was the only one I got to see live.

Policecito dijo...

I'm glad you like it.
I would greatly appreciate if you register at the forum that is in the portal to communicate better!


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